Jonas Park

Jonas Park instructs the following:
  • We Precision Flow
  • We Precision Flow embraces the fundamental principles of traditional Ashtanga (Ujjayi breath, bandhas, and drishti) in a sequenced, energetic, challenging flow. This challenging yet accessible class will supplement your practice with its emphases on core strength, flexibility, and balance. No muscle group gets left behind! Incorporating asanas from Ashtanga, this moving meditation dives into deep twisting, forward folding, back bending, handstands, arm balances, shoulder stands, and the support of props when needed to access deeper postures. Every class brings something new! Modifications available for all levels. (1 hour)


We locations

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The Pavilion on Lover's Lane

5600 W. Lovers Lane

Suite 150

Dallas, TX. 75209

Ph: 214.351.1229


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The Uptown

1700 Cedar Springs RD

Dallas, TX

Suite 110



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6465 E Mockingbird Lane

Suite 362

Dallas TX 75214


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