Bobby Candelas

Bobby Candelas instructs the following:
  • We Sculpt
  • This power class will tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Add this class to your regular yoga practice to boost your metabolism and push your strength and flexibility to new heights. Free weights are added to a traditional vinyasa sequence, creating resistance and intensifying each pose. Strength training is incorporated to build lean muscle mass. After adding this power class, you will see visible results in your body. (60 min; Room is heated 86-88 degrees)

  • Sweaty Detox
  • Gettin' down on Sunday to sweat, stretch, and strengthen. Expect a consistent flow and long holds in a heated environment and the challenge of resetting your day or week. Practice in this open-level vinyasa flow with optional inversions set to upbeat music. This class turns up the heat through a vinyasa practice where you will develop flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance. You will be challenged by traditional and creative sequences with modifications offered throughout the class if you are newer to the practice or simply want to take it down a notch. Be ready to sweat as you link your breath to the flow. (60 min; Intensity Level 1/2, Room is Heated)

  • Power Flow 45-min
  • Get your flow on in under an hour! This 45 minute power flow is a heated vinyasa class for the yogi-on-the-go. Work your core, salute the sun, and zen out in Savasana, all in 45 minutes.


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